A GUID Cause, The Women's Suffrage Movement in Scotland - Their struggles for change withing society

'A guid cause' ... The women's suffrage movement in Scotland

About Project 3

Research and evaluation skills

In this project, you'll be using archive sources to help develop your research and evaluation skills. These general skills will be useful for both the Higher History course work and for completing Paper 2 in the exam.

As well as finding out more about the women's suffrage movement in Scotland, you'll learn how to 'read' and analyse primary and secondary sources and to draw your own conclusions about what happened in the past.

The first activity focuses on a specific incident which took place in Glasgow in 1914. A number of suffragettes who attended a public meeting on 9 March complained about the actions of the police. As a result, an enquiry was carried out by the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU). You will be asked to investigate a number of different sources - newspaper articles and records of interviews - to find out what happened and to explore public reactions to the militant campaign.

The second activity encourages you to use archive sources to support your extended essay. Do you think that the militant campaign helped or harmed the women's suffrage cause?

The third activity encourages you to organise a class debate to explore the different campaign methods used by the suffragists and suffragettes. Which campaign methods do you think were more effective? Support your arguments using archive material in the sources section.