A GUID Cause, The Women's Suffrage Movement in Scotland - Their struggles for change withing society

'A guid cause' ... The women's suffrage movement in Scotland

About Project 2

Making a documentary

In this project you'll be working in teams to make a film documentary about the history of women's suffrage in Scotland. You will need to think carefully about the structure and content of the documentary, and the arguments that you want to put across to your audience. The project will involve:

  • Researching the topic
  • Structuring the content
  • Writing a script
  • Using archive sources to illustrate what you want to say.

You might also want to use actors to bring some of the stories to life.

Where do I start?

The project starts with a brief, where you find out what the documentary is about, and who it's for.

Next, you need to think about your team, and the roles that everyone will play in it. You'll need actors, writers, researchers, film-makers, directors and producers to make a successful documentary.

It's also a good idea if you watch a documentary, just to see how it's done.

After that, you'll need to think about all the practical things like:

  • Are you going to use actors?
  • Are you going to carry out some interviews?
  • What about lighting and music?
  • How are you going to structure your documentary?

If you don't have a story, it won't hang together.

Finally, you will need the actual content for the documentary. But don't worry - we've provided lots of sources that will help to support what you want to say.

We've also given you some really useful information about all the things you have to think about and do. Follow these links to find out more: